Watch Out for Per Annum Money Snatchers

Let me explain here what a Per Annum Money Snatchers or PAMS for short. PAMS are companies who have you sign up for a year at a time and WITHOUT asking you they just reuse your Credit Card on file and SNATCH your money when least expected. PAMS are THEIVES and they are hoping you will not bother to investigate why this purchased showed up on your bill.

Here is how it happens,  it’s so suttle you do not even realized it happened to you. You find a service on line with a per annum fee, you decide after a few months your life has changed and you just stop using it, expecting it will expire and become a distant memory. When all of a sudden that distant memory jumps out at you when you see a large fee on your Credit Card Statement. Now you have just been hit by PAMS.

Well it happened to me again today –  by ARCHIVES.COM

Transaction Details
Debit Card Purchase (Unique Transaction ID #7GN638469P628551M)
Debit Card Purchase
Date Type Status Details Amount
Dec 29, 2010 Debit Card Signature (1583) Purchase-INF*ARCHIVES.COM, 888-455-2791,
NE Pending Details -$39.95 USD
Related Transactions
Date Type Status Details Amount
Dec 29, 2010 Authorization to INF*ARCHIVES.COM, 888-455-2791, NE Completed Details
-$39.95 USD
Merchant: INF*ARCHIVES.COM, 888-455-2791, NE
Purchase Date: Dec 29, 2010
Authorized Amount: -$39.95 USD
Authorization Date: Dec 29, 2010
Time: 17:09:27 PST
Status: Completed

ARCHIVES.COM decided, NOT I to just debit my account $39.95 – So I sent them an immediate email with all the transaction information as it is above, and their reply was, “WE CAN NOT FIND THE TRANSACTION WITH THE LIMITED AMOUNT OF INFORMATION YOU PROVIDED.

Member Services Representative

This is a BAD company, they have included the Scammers Technique into their Policies called PAMS

Archives Headquarters
101 University Avenue, Suite 320
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Archives Member Services
P.O. Box 391146
Omaha, NE 68139


I was once a customer here, but when it was time to renew I decided the 80.00 they wanted was to high. I sent an email asking for a pre-member distcount to continue services for another year and Linda Pagillo turned me dowm FLAT.

A few months later I get an email asking us to come back with a discount and serveral more over the following months. I ignored them until today. I replied to their email for their 59.95 offer and offered 30.00 to see if they would negociate, they failed agin. Their anwser ws NO. I don not like doing business with company’s who think they are God Almighty and want to stand and make YOU come to them as though they are doing you a favor.

My answer is NO to Linda Pagillo and

Their rating for customer satisfaction with me is a F