Review web sites are mainly designed for personal gain and not really to help the consumer. With thousands of websites claiming to be honest they are really not at all, they are hoping you click on one of many affiliate  links and buy their service or product so the reviewer can get a nice big fat commission (read about fluconazole 150mg). So their reviews are based on monetary gain and not actual editorial reviews.

What I do if I land on a site, and I decide I want to buy I go to a different PC and directly to that and buy, I do not want some affiliate to get a part of my hard earned money. I take it one step. I first find out what the commission rate is, contact the web site owner and ask for that commission off the top. Now I saved, not some so called professional reviewer.

I “ANVES” challenge Review Sites to our services by offering them a complete web site for their use to sell products, etc. and to give an honest review. I have only had one that asked for a site, that is TheWebReviewer.

If a Review Site does NOT actively participate in the company’s they are reviewing, then how can their review have any merritt’s at all, in my opinion they do not give the consumer any benefits what so ever.

Some Reviewers are selective in who they wish to represent which degrades the opinions of that Review Site. If the Review Site does NOT review or at least attempt to review ALL companies in that industry then their reviews can not be and are not accurate, therefore their web site is a SCAM. That’s how you can determine a SCAM site from a real Review Web Site.

There is nothing wrong making some money being an affiliate, but say so by telling users, these are your partners or affiliates, but Not a reviewer of the sites, that’s just plain wrong and gives the consumer a false sense of security.

What do you think?

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