I was once a customer here, but when it was time to renew I decided the 80.00 they wanted was to high. I sent an email asking for a pre-member distcount to continue services for another year and Linda Pagillo turned me dowm FLAT.

A few months later I get an email asking us to come back with a discount and serveral more over the following months. I ignored them until today. I replied to their email for their 59.95 offer and offered 30.00 to see if they would negociate, they failed agin. Their anwser ws NO. I don not like doing business with company’s who think they are God Almighty and want to stand and make YOU come to them as though they are doing you a favor.

My answer is NO to Linda Pagillo and  http://www.dnsstuff.com/

Their rating for customer satisfaction with me is a F

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