QuiBids is a stay far away company!

 I joined Quibids so I might test their service before spending any money by using a special tracking that was provided by Quibids to ask others to join their service and I would get 25 Free Bids. Well when it comes to QuiBids, NOTHING IS FREE.

I contacted the Live Person Window on Quibids web site and asked why have I not received my free bids, each time I was given an answer that was so far off it led me to believe I am talking to a Bot.

Several times when trying to get information using their chat system, the answers did not even come close to my question. When I thought I was being played I asked a non relative question, and in return received a canned reply regarding how to get started. If this a real live person, then Quibids needs to train them better.

I sent in a support ticket to try and get an answer, once again a canned letter came back to me from Amanda, QuiBids Support. I had to ask again a direct question: (see below)

“You never even addressed the problem, just another canned response from you – Go on, give it a try and answer my complaint about your live person”

Only then did I get a real reply, “If you are referring to our live chat, those are real people. I am also a real person. Is there anything I can help you with today?”

wheeeeew! It took 2 days and allot of back and forth, for this reason their support gets a grade of D.

I asked her where are the 25 Free Bids!  Her answer was: (see below)

“All users become eligible for promotional bids once they have purchased a bid package. Once you have purchased a bid package, let me know and as a measure of good faith, I will add the amount of bids you would have received from the link.”

Look at this above, Free is not Free at all, YOU MUST BUY first. What a SCAM

I was asked if I needed anything else – it seemed like she wanted to get rid of me, I replied (see below)

No, I will not need anymore information, your only concern is to get me to give you my credit card, which is not going to happen. IMO you company is a “stay far away company” and I will write my review in ScamWatchCenter.com very soon.

I informed Quibids that I was NOT going to use their services and their response why?  Can you believe them asking Why?  What a JOKE! So see below my response to WHY?

I was the asked by Quibids (see below)

Is there any reason in particular you are looking to deactivate your account? We’d love to hear what you think about our site and why you would like to delete your Quibids account.

Can you believe that, what does she think I am writing about, can she be that clueless, unbelievable.

My final reply (see below)

Yes there is a reason, I think your company is a scam – When I used the special link to get 25 free bids, nowhere did it state that I had to buy bids first, for that reason alone your company is a scam. If you were to change your mind, at this time I would refuse it.

RECAP: I tried for several days to find just ONE good thing to say about Quibids, I cannot. The concept, their policies, their way of doing business gives them an F Rating.

I personally would NOT spend one dime with these crooks

See what others has to say:

Quibids Review Is It a Scam


Penny Auctions my personal opinion is don’t get involved with them unless you have at least 75% of the retail price of the product you are seeking to purchase. Another thing is before you get into a website like Quibids.com make sure you READ the terms and conditions and also understand what you are getting yourself into.

Penny Auctions work off ignorance (in my opinion) and they are also  very time consuming. The reason why i say you should have at least 75% of the money of the retail value of the item you wish to purchase is because the penny auctions in many ways are all about backing up your bid with your commitment. You lose in Penny Auctions when you are not willing to commit to a particular item.

Do you follow me here? Because if you don’t you will lose all of your money in a penny auction very quickly. When getting into this type of endeavor you’ve got to have some heart and also have some money, again i recommend 75% of the value of the item you seek. Another thing to keep note of is that with Penny Auction sites the house always wins.

Example: Three guys fighting for a PS3 console these three men are all serious and only one person can win. Each of these three men are willing to pay over $100 for this PS3 and they do, they each use up $120 in credits to try and win this PS3 console but only one person wins. So again this where the penny auction site wins all of their money. This is also the reason why most people never win ANYTHING in Penny Auction Sites. Again the house has to make their profit when getting involved in these penny auctions never forget that.

QuiBids.com Reviews – Is QuiBids a Scam?


Quibids.com is the largest penny auction website currently operating in the United States. Penny auctions have been around for awhile, but have only recently gotten lots of attention from people outside of the penny auction community.

Penny auction websites attract people to them by promising expensive, big ticket items at unbelievably low prices – for example, Quibids shows a new iPad, which retails at $499 for the most basic model, selling for $22.54.  But this winning bid of $22.54 is misleading.  This isn’t the truth of how much it costs to win that iPad.

The way penny auctions work is that you are only able to bid a single penny at any time during the auction.  However, at Quibids.com, you must purchase each 1 cent bid for 60 cents.  So an iPad that retails for $499 but was won for the grand total of  2,254 one cent bids (or $22.54) which actually cost 60 cents each means that the iPad just sold for $1352.40.

Though the person who wins the item usually has paid less than retail for what they have received, citing $22.54 as the winning bid is extremely misleading.



so…you get lured into “buying” bids/ I bought 45 bids for $25. I then stated bidding on a ipad that was going up in 1 Cent increments and wasn’t getting anywhere with that, so I started bidding on a $15 gift card for iTunes. But I ran out of bids. So I stupidly went to buy more bids, which cost me another $25…and concentrated on getting the iTunes card. I still didn’t win it… so then a little window comes up and says “Sorry you didn’t win this, would you like to buy it for $2.57”? So I thought…OK, I’ll buy it. Even though an itunes certificate can be transferred into your itunes account for free (just with a transaction number) they charged me $1.90 in shipping/handling charges. So, in the end, my $15 iTunes card ended up costing me over $53.00. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!! I was lured onto it by them showing me all these great deals people had won, but I don’t believe than ANYONE actually won a prize worth over $200 for less than $5. What a horrible rip off.

 Now after reading all this and you still join – my only though is “What an Idiot”

5 Responses to “QuiBids is a stay far away company!”

  1. Vicki says:

    I placed 1 bid for 60 cents and got a 60 dollar charge in my bank account. Still fighting it. STAY AWAY FROM QUIBIDS!

  2. wii says:

    We are a group of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with helpful info to work on. You’ve done a formidable task and our whole community shall be thankful to you.

  3. not a sucker says:

    If it seems too good to be true, trust your gut instinct – it probably is a scam!

  4. not a sucker says:

    A SCAM!!!

  5. Melanie says:

    Hello. I just wanna ask how can I deactivate or delete my quibid account?

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