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Our intentionĀ is to bring Premier Hosting Company’s and our reader opinions to the front and debate them with whom ever wishes to have a civilized discussion on different types of services offered throught the Internet.

If anyone here wishes to get a discussion started on any scam, review website etc., let me know here and we will setup a page for that company/website.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Marcus Rehey says:

    I work for Premier Hosting Company and will monitor this site against spammers and hate mail. This is not the site to YELL, its for good honest opinions.

  2. Desley Casey says:

    Dear Sir/Madam – Let the buyer Beware!
    I received an email from Internet Job Placement (Michelle Miller). The promotional website was that one could earn $15 per link via submitting companies links to search engines and the like and all it takes is one hour per day. Well I signed up only to find that this company is anything but a person simply submitting links.

    I signed up for the basic package and for my efforts got ‘awarded’ one company to build the website (so much for the submitting links promotional concept!). Then the internet job placement centre wanted even more money to build further websites – and you guessed it – one has to also pay out money to actually promote the website and one is only paid if someone buys off the website one is promoting.

    Has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with submitting links on behalf of companies and being paid by these companies to submit links.

    This has to be one of the worst and very slick promotional misinformation I have come across in ages.

    Could you please let your readers know – that they should stay away at all costs and keep their wallets/purses and credit cards firmly close to them. I definitely would not recommend this company whatsoever. An online business parasite of the worst order.

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