Go to Google.com and type in Dropship Reviews and you’ll find a very long list of web site owners claiming to be reviewers.

The first thing to keep in mind

  • Who are they?
  • Is it Profit Only Review web site?
  • No Reseach need, is it for Money?
  • Are they reviewing one Company or all?
  • Why should you trust their opinion?
  • How are they profiting from their review site?
  • Is their revview site self promoting? 


Let’s look at Drop Ship Source Reviews, it’s owned by Premier Hosting Company, the same owner of this web site. You’ll notice that have reviewed their web sites and their competitors as well, but they are Not hiding the fact that they own the site. This review web site falls under the category of self promoting.

The reason for this self promoting review web site was to level the playing field.  When others started to promote themselves with review web sites, they hid that fact from the consumer that it was self promoting. This self promotion idea was also to keep up to the review web sites that were for Profit Only,  and being selective on who they would promote for monetary gain.

It’s tough having to walk through all the BS that is online today, every scheme imaginable, so be careful and listen to your own instinct.

If anyone here wishes to get a discussion started on any scam, review website etc., let me know here and we will setup a page for that company/website.

We would like your opinion!!

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